Medical Disclaimer

Medical Disclaimer & Waiver of Liability
Last Revised: January 2020

Client / Reader / Customer agrees to disclaimer by simply taking / watching the free teaching, online course, programs, signing up for the course and/or participating in the course materials and phone calls.

Awakening Resources, LLC offers,books,  information, programs, workshops, and services about spiritual, emotional and mental well being. Awakening Resources, LLC and Spirituality for Badasses content, programs, and  course offerings were/are created by founder J. Stewart Dixon who draws on twenty five years of practical, experiential and theoretical mindfulness and meditation education and practice from a wide variety of teachers and teachings.

The Awakening Resources, LLC goal is for everyone who participates in the programs to succeed.  However, certain factors can interfere with a participant's success. Please consider an individual interview with J Stewart Dixon if any of the following factors are concerns for you: anger, severe depression, suicidal thoughts, a serious medical or psychological condition, previous psychiatric hospitalization, and/or excessive use of alcohol and/or recreational drugs.

The services offered and rendered in any Awakening Resources, LLC course, workshop or private session are not medical treatment or psychological or psychiatric therapy, and is not facilitated by a medical professional. Always consult with your doctor or therapist before participating in an Awakening Resources program. Consulting your doctor is especially important if you take any form of prescription medicine or you have a pre-existing condition.

I hereby hold harmless and release, Awakening Resources Center, LLC, Awakening Resources, Spirituality for Badasses  and /or J. Stewart Dixon from any and all actions, causes of actions, claims and demands damages, loss of services, expenses and compensation on account of or in any way growing out of and all known and unknown injuries or any other damage resulting from any injuries or losses I may sustain as a result of my voluntary participation in this free teaching or Awakening Resources, LLC program(s).

I have read and understand the above Disclaimer and Waiver of Liability in its entirety and hereby agree to this Disclaimer and Waiver of Liability regarding my participation in this program.